Supporting Live Music


Since opening the Dock Store in 2011, Sudwerk Brewing has always striven to showcase and support live music at our taproom venue. Anything from the blues to the bingo, the Dock music scene has it all!

In a band and interested in playing at the Dock Store? Email our Music Coordinator, Evan Daly, at

Upcoming Music

6/2 – Ross Hammond (classical guitar)
6/8 – Freedom to Choose Benefit Show (alternative)
6/9 – Drink with Pride Festival (multiple genres)
6/10 – Gary Mendoza Blues Band (blues)
6/11 – Odd Man Out (classic rock)
6/15 – Emperor X (alternative)
6/16 – Davis Music Fest (multiple genres)
6/22 – Benny Bassett (alternative, folk)
6/23 – then came humans (alternative)
6/24 – The Seafloor Cinema, Shoot the Mariner, Swing Away, and Conserve (multiple genres)