GABF gold makes Sudwerk beer a rare ‘triple crown’ winner
October 11, 2016Funke330ml

The Full Pint — Sudwerk Brewing Company’s Fünke Hop Farm already won gold medals at two of California’s largest beer competitions earlier this year. Saturday, it continued its winning streak, taking a gold at the Super Bowl of beer competitions – the Great American Beer Festival in Denver.

‘Urine’ for an education as researchers, Sudwerk team up to ‘pee-cycle’Pee hive
July 24, 2016

Davis Enterprise — The “pee hive” is not your typical outhouse. For starters, the urinal is made out of a sawed-off keg from Sudwerk, where the lavatory lives. Also, the shiny, corrugated stainless-steel exterior gives it the look of a hive, hence the name “pee hive.”

Sudwerk Symposium Series invites discussion, thought and beerbear beer bike2
July 24, 2016
Davis Enterprise — Inspired by these Greek symposiums, Sudwerk Brewing Co. has created a collection of events called the Sudwerk Symposium Series. The idea for the series was conceived over drinks at the brewery’s Dock Store by Sudwerk’s events and marketing coordinator, Kathleen Brandl, and several friends.

Sudwerk Brewing Signs with Major Brands in MissouriSudwerk Brewing Co. has launched its flagship beer -- California Dry Hop Lager -- in Rexam cans. (PRNewsFoto/Rexam)
November 3, 2015
Brewbound — As demand surges for craft lagers, Missouri is getting a taste from an industry pioneer: Sudwerk Brewing Co. The lager leader just began distributing its beers in Missouri.Late this summer, the brewery announced a long-term agreement with Major Brands Distributing to sell Sudwerk beer across Missouri.

Beer Run: Are Craft Brewery Memberships a Good Fit?growlers
October 16, 2015
The Sacramento Bee — Fall is the time to take stock. No, I’m not talking about your life’s purpose, faith, relationships or waistline. I’m not even referring to your fantasy football roster. If you’re a devoted craft beer lover, don’t wait too long to pull the trigger on special brewery deals and memberships for 2016.

Craft Beer Fall Seasonals 2015
August 25, 2015 — Now we know what you’re thinking, fall seasonals—it’s not even September yet! But like it or not, American craft brewers have been hard at work brainstorming and creating these special beers all summer, and they are starting to hit shelves as we speak.